•CertiK, a blockchain security firm and smart contract auditor, has frozen around $160,000 of the funds stolen from the Merlin DEX rugpull last week.
•The firm tried to collaborate with Merlin team members but was unsuccessful due to lack of identity verification.
•CertiK is now monitoring the stolen funds and working with law enforcement agencies in the US and UK.

Merlin DEX Rug Pull

Blockchain security firm CertiK has revealed that it has frozen around $160,000 which was stolen during the Merlin DEX rug pull last week. The zkSync-based decentralized exchange fell victim to an insider rug pull resulting in a loss of $1.8 million.

Stolen Funds Blocked

CertiK shared news of their freezing of funds via its official Twitter handle stating that they had attempted to collaborate with members of the Merlin team but had been unsuccessful due to their unwillingness to verify their identities. As such they are focusing on working with law enforcement and have submitted information regarding the incident to relevant US & UK agencies. They have also successfully frozen $160K of stolen funds with help from partners and will continue to monitor movement of all stolen funds in attempt to freeze and recover remaining amount.

Insider Rug Pull

Merlin tweeted on its official handle that the rug pull was orchestrated by its back-end team adding that they had put a high degree of trust in said team and would continue to support community and aid resolution of issue. CertiK took some blame stating they failed adequately inform users about risks posed by centralization vowing future audits would emphasize such issues more heavily going forward as well as improved clarity audit summaries reports – especially around centralization risks – better communication purpose audits between company community for complete picture potential risks presented users or auditees when conducting audits.

Continued Support

Merlin continues support affected users affected by rug pull providing guidance notifying them steps taken investigate matter resolve issue for victims seek justice those involved incident if possible given magnitude complexity case . Meanwhile CertiK continues work alongside law enforcement enforced bodies attempting freeze recover any remaining stolen amounts through close monitoring movements associated accounts wallets used during process any other techniques available within legal means bringing perpetrators justice returning losses suffered rightful owners as soon possible conclusion investigation into incident conducted .


In conclusion ,merlin dex rugpull has resulted in unfortunate large scale theft however both merlin certik taking steps ensure justice served perpetrators brought book monies rightfully returned owners possible extent while ensuring clarity audit summaries increase awareness centralisation risks prevent similar incidents occurring future .

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